PackEd School Supplies

Getting school supplies has never been easier!

Are you tired of shopping the crowded center aisles & traveling from store-to-store to complete your school supply list?
It is our goal to elimate the hassles of back to school shopping for families and educators in 3 easy steps:



             3. WAIT FOR SUPPLIES


PackEd is your personal assistant. We collect all money, prepare orders for each student and deliver popular name-brand products to your school or home. There are no contracts, minimum orders or cost to participate.

What Schools Do?

  • Make a list of supplies needed for each class
  • Give marketing materials to parents
  • Encourage families to purchase supplies from PackEd

What Families or Teachers Do?

  • Provide your supply list
  • Approve the quote
  • Pay for supplies

Who Can Participate?

  • Schools/School districts
  • Families
  • Teachers/Educators


PackEd creates school supply boxes that are customized to individual schools & grade levels. 
Here is how a partnership with your school works: 


Your school provides a supply list specific to each grade.


PackEd provides a quote cost specific to each list. 


Your school decides to participate based on the quote provided.


PackEd meets with school for implementation.


PackEd delivers school supplies to your school for each student who placed an order.

Note: Orders received after Monday, July 31st, 2017 will incur a $10 fee for expedited shipping.

Do you live around the Decatur/Macon County, Illinois area? Stop by PackEd’s office at 1210 S. Jasper Street in Decatur on Saturday, July 29 (12p to 5p), Sunday, July 30 (12p to 5p) and Monday, July 31 (11a to 7p) to place your order for school supplies. Payments can be made by cash, check, debit/credit at the office.

Don't forget to bring your school list with you!


If your school is interested in participating and would like to speak with a representative
or if you have additional questions about PackEd school supply services, please contact us!

Final order date - Monday July 31, 2017

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If your school is not one of our clients, no worries. PackEd accepts individual orders. We will gladly complete your shopping for school supplies.


Send PackEd your child’s school supply list via fax, mail or email. We will send you a no-obligation invoice. Review your invoice.  If you would like to place your order just pay the invoice and supplies will be shipped directly to your door!

  • Complete the information below
  • Attach your child’s school list
  • Review and pay the invoice

If you would like a portion of your order to benefit the Northeast Community Fund in Decatur, Dennis Lab School or Garfield Montessori Magnet School, please specify this in the Message field below when ordering.


Send PackEd your supply list and quantity for all of those extras you purchase (loose leaf paper, pencils, dry erase markers, etc.)!  We will be more than happy to send a no-obligation invoice. To purchase, just pay the invoice and items will be shipped to you.

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Click on the grades to download and view school supply lists. (Click here to download adobe acrobat)

Note: Prices will vary by grade. We can also customize a list to your needs. Just ask when ordering!


Decatur Public School District 61

Baum Elementary 

Grades K-6

Approx. Cost: $20-50

Durfee Magnet School 

Grades K-6

Approx. Cost: $30-55

Enterprise Montessori School

Grades PreK-6

Approx. Cost: $35-55

Franklin Elementary

Grades K-6

Approx. Cost: $25-60

French Academy

Grades K-6

Approx. Cost: $40-60

Harris Elementary

Grades K-6

Approx. Cost: $15-40

Muffley Elementary

Grades K-6

Approx. Cost: $30-55

Oak Grove Elementary

Grades K-6

Approx. Cost: $25-45

Parsons Elementary

Grades 1-6

Approx. Cost: $30-55

South Shores Elementary

Grades K-6

Approx. Cost: $30-55

Stevenson Elementary

Grades 1-6


Approx. Cost: $30-50

Dennis Lab School

Grades PreK-8

Approx. Cost: $35-80

Garfield Montessori Magnet School

Grades PreK-8

Approx. Cost: $15-45 (pre-K and elementary), $75 (middle school)

Hope Academy

Grades K-8

Approx. Cost: $30-55

Johns Hill Magnet School

Grades K-8

Approx. Cost: $30-50 (K-6), $80 (7-8)

Mt. Zion CUSD #3

McGaughey Elementary School

Grades K-1

Approx. Cost: $40-45

Mt. Zion Grade School

Grades 2-3

Approx. Cost: $40-45

Mt. Zion Intermediate School

4th Grade Supply List

5th Grade Supply List

6th Grade Supply List

Approx. Cost: $40-45

Mt. Zion Junior High School

Junior High Supply List



1210 S. Jasper Street

Decatur, IL  62521


(217) 474-1907


(800) 547-6892


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As a parent of two elementary-aged kids, a wife to one, a friend to many and a colleague to some, my days are full.  Each year I am looking forward to the end of the school year for a brief reprieve.  Summer.

As the summer hours, days, moments and events come to a quick close, there comes a time when I am panic stricken.  I realize I have to go back, find the school list that came home in the last bundle of paper that is still in the backpack, or look online in hopes that the new teacher has it posted, or worse yet, venture to the store in search of the infamous school supply list.  Not for one, but for two!

Different.  Different lists.  Different stores.  Different prices.  A lot of time.  A lot of gas.  A lot of frustration.  A lot of money on all of those things that are not on the list that find their way into the cart.  A lot of anxiety and then to drag it all into the building on meet-the-teacher night.  Uuggh!

So, we have created some relief!  PackEd is working to make school supply shopping a breeze for busy parents and ensure teachers have exactly what they need for their classrooms – in a less stressful and more convenient way!

PackEd is excited to offer customized school supply services for schools, educators and families.  These convenient customized school supply packs are filled with brand-name products that match the requests of each school supply list.

All we need is two things: a) your list of supplies and b) payment.  That’s it.  There are no contracts.  No registration fees.  No hidden costs. 

Parents pay and PackEd prepares.

Please take a look through the information on this site and contact us with any questions!

Juanita M. Morris

Mommy to 5th grade son & 3rd grade daughter


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